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Battery holder with timer function (6h)
Color white
4 batteries - AA, 1.5V
Connection cable on the battery holder with 2 couplings: 15cm length
Timer function:
The power supply runs for about 6 hours after switching on "Timer". Then the star goes out. After a further 18 hours, the battery holder is then reactivated for 6 hours, ie the next day at the same switch-on time.
- Suitable for illuminating 1 star - A1e, A1b or I1 or 3 miniature stars
- Illumination can thus be provided independently from the power supply
- Only suitable for indoor use
- With high-quality batteries Illuminated for approx. 80 hours

- Use only with LED (E10, 6 3V - 0.6W - about 0.1A ) done - when the battery holder no LED is more at - if accompanied by another incandescent the star, it must be replaced by an LED.

Battery holder for 1 star, with timer

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