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Support Moravian Historical Society

Help preserve the past for future generations.

Established in 1857, the Moravian Historical Society preserves and presents the story of the Moravians within the wider context of early American History. Through exhibits, programs, and special events, we are able to engage diverse audiences from around the world.


Whether through membership, volunteerism, or sponsorship, your support enables us to care for our vast collection of more than 20,000 objects and rare documents, develop and refine our public programming, including our youth history camp and historic walking tours, and host prominent scholars of 18th and 19th century history.

Cynthia Tone Volunteer Appreciation Fund

The Moravian Historical Society Board of Directors created a Volunteer Appreciation Fund in memory of Cynthia Tone (10/1/1958-9/29/2022). In doing so, the Board of Directors recognizes the value of volunteers and our organization's dependence on volunteers. The fund's use will require approval and will be allocated to 1) recognize exemplary volunteer involvement in the form of a (non-taxable) gift or recognition event and / or 2) provide stipend support for interns needed for special projects.

Thank you for your support of our volunteers. 

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