Board of Managers

David Roth

Steven Krawiec
Vice President

Linda Wickmann

Ed Perusse


Stephen Bajan, II


Chris Carson

Lyn Trodahl Chynoweth

Christopher Crook


John Stocker


Riddick Weber

The Moravian Historical Society is an independent 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our 2019-2020 Annual Report may be found here.


Revisions to the bylaws will be proposed at the annual member meeting on October 9, 2021.

Access to both the current and the proposed bylaws can be found using the links below.  While some portions are relatively unchanged, there are substantial rewrites, as well.  The most significant changes are:

  • Change name from "Board of Managers" to "Board of Directors."

  • Election of officers: board of directors will elect officers instead of the membership

  • Role of the Executive Director: The executive director will be an ex-officio member, with voice and voting privileges, of the Board of Directors.

  • Annual Meeting: Agenda details will be removed to provide greater flexibility

  • Amendments: Board of Directors can make amendments to the bylaws instead of the membership.

The current documents can be found by clicking on these links:


The revised documents can be found by clicking on these links: