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Education Programs at Moravian Historical Society

The Moravian Historical Society offers a variety of education programs to explore with your students!

School Programs

Traveling Trunks

What was everyday life like in colonial America? Dive into our traveling trunks to experience the past! Students will have the opportunity to explore 18th century clothing, foodways, work, and leisure activities through the lens of both Moravian and broader colonial American culture. Each trunk includes curriculum guides, suggested classroom activities, and instructions for supplemental home learning activities. Curriculum guides can be tailored to meet teacher or class level needs. Topics include colonial Nazareth history, colonial American history, and colonial Moravian history. This program is geared towards grades 3-5. 

  • Traveling trunk curriculum guides are created in alignment with PA state and (where possible) local curriculum standards.

Colonial Historian

Invite our costumed Colonial Historian to your classroom to learn more about everyday life in 18th century Pennsylvania. Topics include the founding and development of Nazareth, colonial trades and industries, and colonial clothing. Other topics may be available upon request. While this program is geared towards grades 3-7 older groups can be accommodated. This program can be virtual.

Colonial Days Classroom Activity Kits

Turn your classroom into a colonial workspace! Students will gain hands-on experience working with colonial tools and materials. The following projects are available: butter churning, candlemaking, colonial chores, colonial games, colonial school room, cross stitching, paper quilling, quill writing, tinsmithing, and weaving.  

Sponsor Education Programs

Interested in sponsoring education programs at the Moravian Historical Society? Join us as a partner! 

Contact us for more information about sponsorship opportunities.

Moravian Historical Society trunk
Moravian Historical Society historian

Field Trips

Historic Nazareth Walking Tour

Have you ever wondered about the history of Nazareth’s buildings and the people who lived there? Take a walk around town with a costumed guide who will discuss the founding of Nazareth, former residents, and the evolution of Nazareth’s buildings and roads. The development of Historic Nazareth is a fascinating story of bravery and perseverance you won’t want to miss! Tour content can be customized to meet group needs/interests.

Chaperones: 1 adult is required for every 10 students

Museum Tour

Enjoy a guided tour of the 1740-1743 Whitefield House Museum and learn about the significant contributions Moravians made to music, art, education and culture in early America. Our museum features an outstanding collection of objects related to the establishment of the 18th-century Pennsylvania settlements of Nazareth and Bethlehem. Visitors can view early American musical instruments including the Antes violin—the earliest-known violin made in the American Colonies and the 1776 pipe organ made by David Tannenberg, the most important organ-builder of his time.


Round out the museum tour experience with hands-on activities including quill pen writing, sweet bag making, and more! Other topics and activities may be available upon request. Special activities for Scout badges are available upon request.

Chaperones: 1 adult is required for every 10 students

Request a Group Tour

To request a group tour, please click the button below, or download the request form here.

Moravian Historical Society education
Moravian Historical Society tour

For more information about availability, call or email us today!

Additional amenities available on site:

  • Outdoor space

  • Gift shop

  • Restrooms

  • Hands on activities (request in advance)


Please note: The 1740-1743 Whitefield House Museum is located in an historic 3 1/2 story building without air conditioning or an elevator. Large group activities can be accommodated on the lawn of the Whitefield House, weather permitting.

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